ERC “PZM Rally Poland”: We miss

As you know, the European Rally Championship round in Poland is not far off, but I cannot visit it because I have to choose my job this time.

I’m overloaded with my business now; I’ve put it aside as long as I could to participate in the rallies this year. I planned to start working projects after the season finish, but life has the upper hand, and I have to plunge deeper into these projects today. They require my immediate participation – the market situation dictates its own conditions and the process will not move anywhere without my intervention.

ERC "PZM Rally Poland": We missMark got into this situation a bit earlier, I’m joining now. Except this, in September we begin training in the MBA program in London and now we have a lot of “homework” that also takes time. Work and training give us a full load, we also need time for our families, so we had to optimize our schedules with sacrifice in rally.

We don’t say goodbye to the European rally, I think that I’ll be able to drive a few more races this season – see you there!

ERC "PZM Rally Poland": We missIt’s sad that I won’t be able to go to this interesting gravel race in Poland and I won’t meet with my friends, comrades and rivals there. I wish you all sports luck and to reach the desired finish.

See you later, Sergei.

Photos of Jaromir Romanov from were used in this publication